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    Kathy Caprino


    Thanks for joining here at Kathy and Mo! I’d love to share a bit about my personal story that prompted me to serve women around the world to pursue and achieve their most burning desires, and to stimulate continual breakthroughs that help them reach their highest potential in life and work.

    I was a corporate marketing executive and spent 18 years in corporate life. In the beginning, it was somewhat rewarding, and I enjoyed it. But as I approached 40 years old, things began to change. I was outwardly very “successful,” but inwardly I struggled. My work began to feel false and inauthentic to me much of the time, and work-life balance was unattainable. I couldn’t speak up truthfully or be my true self. I got sick frequently, was exhausted and drained much of the time, and my work didn’t feel meaningful or positive in the world.

    I knew I needed outside help to reinvent my career, and reached out to get it, through working with a therapist, career counselor and mentor, etc. But nothing moved me forward to make the changes I needed to. Nothing worked! There were no proven career growth processes and systems that helped me understand the deeper challenges I faced. I then began to experience all twelve of the “hidden” crises I write and speak about, and consequently researched in my book Breakdown, Breakthrough, including chronic illness, discrimination, financial struggle, feeling like I was wasting my real talents, missing my children’s lives, and longing to do something of greater meaning to me in my worklife.

    I finally made the leap to a new life, but only after a brutal layoff in the days following 9/11 that pushed me to my knees. I picked myself up, and after two major reinventions and lots of learning and stretching, I moved from corporate VP to marriage and family therapist, then to career success coach and entrepreneur. I’ve found my career bliss! I now focus intensively on helping professional women “dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it.” I love my work, and am supremely fulfilled by it and am passionately committed every day to helping other women achieve breakthrough to their highest peaks – in their work, businesses and in their lives.

    I now focus intensively on helping professional women “dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it.” I love my work, and am supremely fulfilled by it and am passionately committed every day to helping other women achieve breakthrough to their highest peaks – in their work, businesses and in their lives.

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    Mo Faul


    So, let me guess. You wouldn’t exactly say that you’re career is where you thought it would be, right?

    You aren’t doing work you love – definitely not the work you thought you’d be doing – but it’s just this side of tortuous so you’ve stuck around.

    Or maybe you’ve reached a staggeringly abrupt road to nowhere and you’re not exactly sure how and where to find that little gem of a career super highway again?

    Or maybe you’re just lost and are worried if you don’t get it together now, your time will be up.

    In this way too short of a thing we call life, I believe all of the above are wildly unacceptable.

    I see too many people who are just getting by and accepting mediocrity in their work and their lives.
    And it’s really burning me up!

    Hell, I was one of those people just a few years ago myself!

    And because I know what it feels like to go from dreading the dawn of each new work day to now rushing out of bed every day so I can work even more, I want to help you go from unfulfilled, unsatisfied, underpaid and underappreciated to LOVING your life and career again.

    Together we’re going to bring the kick ass back. And the best part… it will be easier and far more joyful than you think.


    I’m going to keep this simple – here are a few random things you might not know:

    While training for my first marathon in 20 years, I received a phone call from my doctor telling me I had breast cancer. I ran my ass off the next day and promised myself I’d change my life.

    I believe the best way to grow a company is to grow its people. While I was a leader in healthcare organizations, I grew and built multi-million dollar companies by building up their most valuable resource – humans.

    I’m often described as “big-hearted with high-standards”. In other words, if I were an animal, I’d be a deer.

    I love the camera. Put me in front of one – especially Periscope – and I feel smack dab in the middle of my cozy place.

    My first job as a teacher involved teaching kids how to ride their bikes without training wheels.  A payment of ten cents by a grateful parent gave me a boost of adrenaline that I never wanted to end

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