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    003: Interview: Claudia Chan on Building A Thriving Business Focused on Women’s Empowerment

    Kathy & Mo explore with Claudia Chan her exciting work in empowering women and girls around the globe. Through her S.H.E. Globl Media company and her annual S.H.E. SUMMIT conference in NYC, as well as her other key programs, training and resources, Claudia is committed to sharing today’s leading role models, empowerment stories and strategies to a global audience who have the power to change their own lives, and better the lives of women around the world. Listen in as we discuss how her travels around the world help bring women’s issues to the forefront, and inspire policy makers and governments to change policies involving women. Claudia’s conversation with Kathy and Mo will move you to empower women in your life, and shatter your own internal glass ceiling.

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