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    010: Kathy and Mo: The Gift Of Opening Yourself To Receiving

    Mo and I get real! We share in a raw, authentic and very open way all about our own vulnerabilities, and walls we now realize we’ve put up all our lives, that stop us from deep connecting, effective communication, and experiencing help, love and connection.

    Best Work Best Life - Podcast

    3 thoughts on “010: Kathy and Mo: The Gift Of Opening Yourself To Receiving”

    1. Wow, I am balling my eyes out. Not in a bad way but because I am allowing myself to do so. The affirmation at the end and the quote on I no longer wait to be perfect just stirred in.
      I know I have something really huge to do in this world and I think, “Who am I to think God would use me in such an important and big way?” I feel it in the depths of my soul but I have yet to find it. I am getting closer but todays podcast let me know that everything I am working on which I believe are my passions is great BUT these still are not it. There is more and no I have not found it yet. Or maybe it is just a sign to me my purpose is still yet evolving. Thanks Kathy and Mo …. I have to go reapply my makeup. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

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