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    015: Cheryl Hunter: The Power of Resilience – How To Turn Your Trauma and Setbacks Into Your Highest Purpose

    Cheryl Hunter, bestselling author, speaker and resilience expert, joins Kathy and Mo to share a riveting discussion about how we can overcome pain and trauma, and find new ways to become resilient, thrive, and access our highest power and purpose through our healing. Cheryl shares her personal story of traveling abroad as a teenage, and experiencing being abducted by two criminals who left her for dead. She teaches us how sheโ€™s overcome her trauma and abuse, and found a calling in helping others overcome adversity and live their highest and best lives.


    24 thoughts on “015: Cheryl Hunter: The Power of Resilience – How To Turn Your Trauma and Setbacks Into Your Highest Purpose”

    1. Life is filled with surprises around each corner….good great, bad, and the terrible. I can remember losing my father at a young age and having nothing left but my heart and soul and with my back against the wall at a early age. I did everything in my power to pull out of my depression to succeed and ended up with 2 dgrees and high level corporate job making 6 figures. For decades I had everything I wanted with an incredible outlook for the future and then suddenly my life went into a spin cycle. The bad karma negative demons of my destiny that I thought I had lost
      caught up with me again. I had became very ill requiring an organ transplant and after escaping death several times and losing my brother and mother while in recovery; I ended up facing financial ruin, divorce and losing everything I had worked for except the my clothes, some furniture,
      two wonderful dogs and a used vehicle.
      After spending a year in the hospital with 42 admissions that followed and over 200 blood transfusions in a 2 year period, I began to rebound and was hapoy and confident that I could get my life back. There was a glimmer of hope. Six months later depression hit me like a frieght train
      in the middle of the night and I slept all day and became a recluse. Now I have pulled up again with out meds and working on building my life againg while rebranding myself and hopefully one day soon will start my own business.
      So when I hear the word trauma,
      I know the meaning only too well and reflecting back I clearly see my journey as a flowing river with badly covered with snow. The experience has entirely changed my life and how I see the world. It has made me incredibly stronger. I live in alone now in the burbs with only my dogs that have towed the line for me. Using the solitude time to think and create during my recovery, I have found a great interest in writing
      and working on rebranding myself with my new found skills.
      Ultimately I have discovered that for everything we leave behind, we take something forward and I am moving forward.

      Everyday is Great
      Dont Miss One!

      1. Thank you so much for sharing, PXo. I love your message – “For everything we leave behind, we take something forward and I am moving forward.” Just beautiful. All best wishes to you.

    2. I would love to hear her story! It can be difficult to overcome even small slights at times and let them interfere with you becoming your best self! I look forward to hearing her story!

    3. Cheryl, as a man, please let me apologize for my kind and some of the appalling men on this planet; especially for the two you had to encounter. They will suffer their own consequences in their own time. You may or may not know when it happens, but trust that they will pay for their actions. Kathy and Mo, thank you for inviting Cheryl. I say all this to not only let you know that a man is listening but also that men go through trauma as well. I have a couple buddies that have been through horrible treatment as well, and excelled in unimaginable growth and success beyond their “captivity.” I can in no way compare myself to the atrocities experienced by others, but as a man, we have an identity, an image, and a strength we are supposed to uphold, and be held to or we are considered weak, unreliable and undesirable. I myself happen to be in a very dark time: loneliness, unemployment, loss of dreams and direction, no income, lost hope, lost ambition. When all of my life I’ve had a laser focus and known exactly what I wanted: Fame, fortune, family, friends. And I find myself as a middle aged man with none of those in my life. It’s an empty, pain to the soul type of trauma that I can’t escape. I have to put on a happy face around others when I quite frankly don’t want to. It’s a very shitty time and I’m tired of faking it for everyone, that it’s not. All to say, that your stories have provided a returned feeling of hope and ambition. I’m still not sure where it leads and while I simply need a dose of success instead of relentless failures stacking up, it feels good to feel that spark again after listening to your conversation. Not cuz yours was worse than mine and you overcame, but to hear the excitement and compassion in your voices. You truly arose from a deplorable situation and have experienced a complete 180-degree life change. What would have knocked most people down, has brought you a new connection with people and the ability to reach out and help people that you will never even know-of on this planet. Congratulations for fighting and overcoming the worst, and making it a change for the best. I look forward to catching up one day and feeling as good as you do now, with success on your side.

      1. Brian, thank you so much for your beautiful, courageous comments here. We’re so appreciative that you’ve joined us, and so happy to know that Cheryl’s interview was inspiring for you. Congratulations to you for your inner and outer work to overcome your deep challenges, and making forward movement each day to create the joy and success you long for. Thank you for sharing and joining us.

      2. Brian, thank you. I am moved and touched by your generosity and courage. I’m sorry to hear that you’re in a dark time right now. If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that you can move through it, and you can triumph. Thanks to Kathy & Mo for their beautiful show which brings that message of hope to people. God bless.

    4. Wow. What an inspiration. The flaw as the filter of perfection….the ground of perfection. That is so life affirming. You ladies rock. Thanks for this life affirming work. I wish you continued success. You are doing fundamentally important and inspirational work.

    5. I’ve known Cheryl and her family since we were kids.. She has always possessed charisma and beauty .. Every word spoken in this interview was needed to be heard by me..Brilliantly done.

    6. Kathy, thank you so much for this interview with Cheryl. I am in a tough time. I am unemployed, on disability through my former job, and unable to work at this time. I’m only 47 and I can’t believe this is it for me. I have so much to offer the world. I have mental illness, and recently got denied at my hearing. I have a very small pension and I have to move back into my marital home. We are divorced, so he will be moving out. My daughter will hopefully be happier spending more time in her home. I keep trying to figure out the lesson, and I can’t find it. I do believe this is all happening for my higher good, but I have no idea what that is, so I just keep moving forward. Some days I just cry and the thought of all that is happening. I love my apartment, but I can’t afford it now. Cheryl thank you for sharing your story. You inspired me to move forward today. My life is not the way I planned it. I used to be a teacher; I taught for almost 20 years. I am a mental illness advocate, and I have spoken to college students about mental illness. That was so meaningful to me. I just can’t see beyond my current life circumstances. I’ll just keep trying. Thanks again!

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