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    027: Kathy and Mo: What Hurts Your Confidence? And How To Build More

    Are we selling our lives and careers short because of how we feel inside, and how we’re operating in the world?  Kathy and Mo discuss powerful and practical strategies to increase your confidence and play full out, in work and in life. Learn how to show up with more confidence, feel happier, appreciate your value and worth, and build the life and livelihood that reflects your highest visions.


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    3 thoughts on “027: Kathy and Mo: What Hurts Your Confidence? And How To Build More”

    1. Good morning ladies – Loved your podcast on confidence – I’m struggling with that issue right now. I was laid off at the end of last year as a result of downsizing. Although my skills were never questioned and it truly was a clear business decision, it still has undermined my confidence and skewed my belief system to believe I will never get another job. The 6 mos. layoff process was tumultuous, chaotic, a roller coaster of possibly being retained, then not; trying ways to be of value so I could be retained, given up, getting reeled back in, etc. Now that I am looking for work again, there are some days I think I don’t care to ever work again – as if every organization would be like my past employer/experience. So, I am doing more of a deep dive into my passions, what trips my trigger, setting aside a high salary goal and looking for opportunities and organizations that will value me. That’s today at least… 🙂 Thanks again for some great insights…

    2. This podcast was such a gift for me today! I found my dream job at the end of January but really fumbled with the month end close for April. I proceeded to beat myself up about it emotionally & started second-guessing whether I’m capable to handle this job. Thank you for pointing out that everybody makes mistakes. I have my quarterly review tomorrow & am trying to get my confidence back so I can analyze the situation without becoming emotional. Your podcast lifted my spirit so I can face tomorrow!

    3. This applies even to one who has lost a child like my self.

      I have always thought that the mess (hurt, situation) need to be turned into a message. If your survival story aids even one other person then God has proven that it works out for good.

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