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    028: Lucy Gilson: The Impact of Gender in Academia and Professional Life

    Dr. Lucy Gilson, Professor and Management Department Head at University of Connecticut’s School of Business, and the Director of the Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference, joins Kathy and Mo in a fascinating discussion about the impact of gender on the roles women and men play in academia and also the choices they make both personally and professionally. Dr. Gilson shares her keen perspectives as an educator, a leader and a researcher, revealing underlying patterns and trends that unconsciously shape both men and women in their career directions and their futures. (And don’t miss what her 14-year-old son shares as his top tips for a successful life!).


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    One thought on “028: Lucy Gilson: The Impact of Gender in Academia and Professional Life”

    1. Every time I listen to Coach Mo and Kathy I feel like I have just dived into a warm ocean and opened my eyes to see clear bright fish swimming around. It’s a wonderful dive! Thank You for speaking about women and equality in the world!

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