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    034: Dr. Neha Sangwan: 5 Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health and Happiness

    Dr. Neha Sangwan, a dedicated Internal Medicine physician, has practiced medicine for many years in hospitals where patients with life-threatening illnesses, upon their release home, would reveal deep secrets about their health challenges, and what was truly at the root. Her own unique experience with a debilitating condition, and her epiphany that communication (or more accurately – the lack of direct, honest and necessary communication) was at the heart of what ailed her and her patients, she found her calling to become a true communication expert, helping us say what needs to be said in order for health and well-being to be achieved and sustained. Dr. Neha joins Kathy and Mo for a deep and probing conversation about honest communication, why it matters and how it dramatically impacts your health, well-being and your life.

    Author of the powerful book, Talk Rx, Dr. Neha demonstrates powerfully how physical intelligence can lead to transformative conversations that can change the trajectory of our lives.

    Dr. Wayne Dyer has said about Talk Rx:

    “(This book is) the answer to the common complaint ‘My doctor never has time to talk to me.’ I loved reading these down-to-earth conversations with a brilliant medical doctor who has taken the time to give straightforward answers to so many common communication and health-related concerns. Priceless information from a medical doctor who is the real deal.


    Dr. Neha’s Website

    Kathy’s Forbes Interview with Neha

    Dr. Neha’s Book

    Kathy’s book Breakdown, Breakthrough (see Chapter 4: Resolving Chronic Illness)

    Mo’ Hay House Radio show With Neha 



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