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    049: Brave Up: The 5 Critical Ways You Need To Rise Up, Speak Up and Stand Up For Yourself

    Mo talks with Kathy about her new work, TEDx talk and upcoming training and book focused on the 5 life-changing ways to call up the bravery  required to create the lives we long for.  Based on Kathy’s research and work with over 10,000 women, she’s seen that without doing this transformational inner work – to rise up, speak up and stand up boldly for ourselves — we continually fall short of our dreams and visions, and fail to reach our highest potential.


    Kathy’s Forbes post  Brave Up: 10 Essential Ways to Rise Up, Speak Up and Stand Up For Yourself

    Kathy’s book Breakdown, Breakthrough

    Watch Kathy’s TEDx Talk “We’re Not Brave Enough Yet” October 28th with TEDxCentennialParkWomen


    Mo’s Free Training: Bring Your Soul To Work

    Book a Free One-on-One call With Mo Now!



    2 thoughts on “049: Brave Up: The 5 Critical Ways You Need To Rise Up, Speak Up and Stand Up For Yourself”

    1. Hi ladies!!! Thank you for this inspiring talk. I recently learned about you through Kayla Floyd and Lacy Young, and loved the interview you did with them!!! Now I’m hooked! I’m currently working on removing my blocks to reach my potential and follow my life path. This talk has brought to light some areas I could be more brave! I’m a teacher, love people, work with lots of them, love making connections, can comfortably speak to a room full of people using my “teacher voice” but it’s taken me years to actually speak up about certain things, and ask for what I want. It could be something simple like reminding a student to throw away some trash or put the paint lid back on the bottle, so I begrudgingly do it myself. Well not so much any more. I’ve learned to speak up and ask respectfully. Not just from students, but from other relationships as well. Additionally, I’ve had a fear of talking on the phone to strangers. I even dread making doctor appointments sometimes. I’m not sure where that stems from, but I’m excited to say, I’m facing that fear and have booked a free Clarity call with Mo!!! I can’t wait to hear what she has to say to me! Finally, I am inspired to serve bravely. I want to find more opportunities where I can be of service, as intimidating as this can be. I am going to be actively seeking opportunities. Thank you SO much for the inspiration, and I really look forward to learning more from you!!!

      1. How absolutely wonderful to hear, Caryn! Thank you for listening, and for already taking BOLD steps to brave up in your life and work. I can relate very deeply to what you shared. In the past, I was very reluctant to talk to strangers or even call a doctor’s office. Boy how things have changed, and life is so much more fun because of my braving up and overcoming those fears. I still struggle with saying the brave things that need to be shared if they are hard to hear or potentially hurtful to someone. But we must say what needs to be said. Thanks for listening, and sharing!

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