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    060: Own Your Story – Own Your Power

    Knowing and honoring the true, raw and compelling story of your life, and making full use of it to help others and the world, is the key to connecting to your deepest power.  In this revealing episode, Kathy and Mo share how we all can own our stories more fully – including finding new ways to shine a light on and heal your “dirty little secrets” that make you feel vulnerable and ashamed, and reframing your story to see more clearly the amazing talents, passions and gifts that have always been a part of you and your life.


    Kathy’s TEDx Talk “Time to Brave Up”

    Kathy’s Forbes post “Longing to Give a TEDx Talk?”



    4 thoughts on “060: Own Your Story – Own Your Power”

    1. I love the Talk, I’m now going over my own story. In my life I’ve always strived for perfection, but if I got close to it- in any form I run from it. Maybe going over my story will strike a cord.

      1. So glad this podcast has spurred you to revisit your own story again. About perfectionism – I’ve found it’s something that can both drive us forward, and crush us down. Perfectionism for millions of people is the death of peace and the death of bravery, because they’re so afraid of not being perfect, that they never get out of the gate. I hope reviewing your unique, amazing story will be of great help. Let us know!

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