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    Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose by Kathy Caprino, MA

    Breakdown Breakthrough Cover

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    Thousands of professional women, though outwardly successful, find themselves in the midst of a crisis, believing that they’ve sacrificed meaning, fulfillment, and balance in their lives to achieve work-related success. Their lives feel unmanageable—and they are confused, blocked, overwhelmed and unable to move forward effectively. Kathy Caprino sheds light on this growing epidemic of disempowerment and shows women how to reinvigorate and reclaim their lives. Breakdown, Breakthrough uses a comprehensive coaching, behavioral, and spiritual framework to explore how women can restore their power and reconnect with their life visions as they awake from the paralysis of professional dissatisfaction and personal diminishment.

    Breakdown, Breakthrough Study Guide By Kathy Caprino, MA



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    A complete 50-page Study Guide that leads your self-directed Breakdown, Breakthrough Circle study group through 12 structured sessions. Download one guide and make copies for everyone in your group.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive
    Contributor: Kathy Caprino
    See Kathy’s story From Breakdown to Breakthrough – Chapter 70


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    It’s your time to thrive – and these stories show you how! You’ll learn how to take charge of your life, make time for what’s important, and do what’s right for you. These stories, from regular people who have taken control of their lives, show you how to do it yourself. Find new purpose, try new things, and take care of yourself, all while improving your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.


    FREE Career Path Self-Assessment Survey


    Life-Path Assessment

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    Sign-up here to receive your FREE CAREER PATH SELF-ASSESSMENT survey. Completing this survey as honestly and thoroughly as you can will help you gain greater clarity and insight into where you’ve been and where you’d like to go in your career and professional life.  Don’t make a single career move without knowing the answers to these questions!

     P.S. Once you sign up, you’ll also receive Kathy’s free 6-day Amazing Career Challenge, chock full of proven strategies and tips to move you forward to more happiness and reward in your work!

    Caprino Life Path Assessment


    Life-Path Assessment

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    This survey instrument provides specific in-depth questions that will help you fully assess where you are in your life today, and understand what your ideal life would look like. Your answers will assist you in charting a path for designing the life of your dreams.

    Kathy’s CredSpark Challenge – Career Success for Women: Key Challenges


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    Audio Programs

    Breakdown Breakthrough Audio Companion

    Breakdown Breakthrough Audio Companion

    Part 1

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    Part 2

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    This 2-cd meditative companion to the book Breakdown, Breakthrough presents 12 meditative exercises and visualizations set to soothing, contemplative music, designed to support and supplement the book’s breakthrough process. Music composed by world music composer, Arthur Lipner (www.arthurlipner.com). Meditations and exercises read by Kathy Caprino and co-written by Kathy and Deb Hiett.

    Free Guides
    Craft Your Kick Ass Career Mission Statement in Less than 30 Minutes

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    Did you know that people who wake up every day with a clear mission get more accomplished and reach more of their career goals than those who don’t?

    Ever wish you had a clear mission driving you? And that you could figure out what that mission is without confusion, stress, and spending hours staring at a blank page?

    Well, here’s your chance. Get the Craft Your Kick Ass Career Mission Statement in Less than 30 Minutes, and learn my simple 9-step process for getting clarity on what matters most so you can go out and get it.

    Your 3-2-1 Method for Crafting Your Career Story

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    I have used this 3-2-1 approach to help my clients go from stumbling over their words to being crystal clear and confident about what they want in their careers and how to share it with the people who matter most. I sincerely hope this helps you as much as it has helped them. Please be sure to drop me a note the first time you put it to use!

    LinkedIn Primer


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    Guide courtesy of digital strategy Nettie Reynolds

    A quick, easy-to-follow guide provided by digital strategist Nettie Reynolds to get you started on LinkedIn, and out there connecting fast!

    Top 10 Resume Blunders to Avoid

    Resume Blunders

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    Guide courtesy of Write Now Resume

    Seasoned writer and resume development veteran Cythnia Hanson shares the 10 top blunders to avoid in developing a compelling and effective resume that gets results.

    Free Breakdown Breakthrough, Chapter 12 – Helping Others and the World

    Breakdown Breakthrough Cover

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    This chapter of Kathy’s groundbreaking book Breakdown, Breakthrough shares powerful strategies, solutions, tips and exercises to help you make a bigger, more meaningful impact in the world through your right work.

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